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Lanhaiwang Enterprise is located in Xiamen, a modern seaside garden city. Founded in June 1995, the company is a new type of aluminum research and development, production and sales, door and window design, production, installation, energy-saving curtain wall design, construction as one. Products and projects, innovative private enterprises with strong professionalism and comprehensive strength. The company currently has four wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Lanhaiwang Co., Ltd., Lanhaiwang (Xiamen) Energy-saving Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., Lanhaiwang (Guangdong) Door and Window Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., and Lanhaiwang (Xiamen) Energy-saving Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. Guangxi Branch. In the professional business field are in the forefront of the industry. Blue Haiwang has strong research and development strength and innovative ability. In terms of product innovation, business model innovation and business concept innovation, it is advancing with the times and is unique in its efforts to provide customers with value-for-money products and services. Customers create value and satisfy their customers' rich experience and personalization and taste requirements.

 With 23 professional deep cultivation and 23 years of innovation, Lanhaiwang has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of “people-oriented, excellence” and the development concept of “creating common value for consumers, society and enterprises”, and insisting on providing standardized products with professional teams. And services, a number of products and engineering projects won awards, but also won wide acclaim from customers, established a good reputation and high quality reputation in the market. Lanhaiwang has an excellent R&D team. Based on the international trend of the building materials industry, they continue to introduce more green and intelligent quality products, improve the quality of living, meet diverse needs, and become the core competitiveness and industry innovation in the industry. One of the new operators of aluminum and energy-saving curtain walls for force and social influence. In the 23 years of intensive cultivation, Lanhaiwang has promoted the development of the “Blue Seawang” brand while achieving steady development.

 In order to promote the healthy and harmonious development of Lanhaiwang enterprises, with the assistance of the Party Working Committee of Tongan Industrial Concentration Zone, the company formally established the enterprise party branch in March 2013, giving full play to the role of fighting fortress and the leading role of party members in the development and construction of enterprises. . At the same time, under the guidance of the People's Armed Forces Department of Tong'an District, Lanhaiwang Enterprise established a Lanhaiwang Enterprise Militia Team with high political consciousness, excellent physical fitness and outstanding performance. The establishment of the militia team for the economic development of the enterprise and the reserve force of national defense. Construction plays an important role.

 Lanhaiwang Co., Ltd., Lanhaiwang (Xiamen) Energy-saving Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., Lanhaiwang (Guangdong) Door and Window Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., and Lanhaiwang (Xiamen) Energy-saving Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. Guangxi Branch, four wholly-owned subsidiaries The operation belongs to the industrial chain, the extension and division of labor, complement each other, and each has its own characteristics and radiates each other.

 Lanhaiwang Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, production, sales and supporting services for aluminum alloys, new construction and industrial aluminum profiles. In 2003, the company passed the ISO9001/2000 quality management system certification, among which industrial aluminum profiles are the leader in the industry. The company has cooperated closely with domestic well-known brand - Feng Aluminum and Aluminum Co., Ltd., and successfully launched corrosion-resistant, high-strength magnesium-silicon rare-earth alloy aluminum profiles, aluminum alloy construction and industrial profiles, and has become a mainstream best-selling product for a long time. The aluminum materials operated by the company include various methods such as oxidative coloring, electrophoretic coating, powder coating, fluorocarbon painting, bridge insulation, wood grain transfer, polishing dyeing, steel shot sandblasting, etc. Value products and services.

 Lanhaiwang (Xiamen) Energy-saving Curtain Wall Company was established in January 2010 with a registered capital of RMB 55.55 million. It specializes in the design, production and construction of aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, glass, stone, photovoltaic and other energy-saving curtain wall projects. Construction. The company has obtained the professional contractor level of building curtain wall engineering approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and has been awarded the first-class qualification for building decoration and decoration engineering. It also has a high-quality, high-level professional technical team integrating the design, production and construction of doors, windows and curtain walls. To provide customers with flawless services. The company has about 50,000 m2 of door and window curtain wall production and processing base with independent property rights in Tongan Industrial Concentration Zone. The factory is equipped with professional processing equipment and testing equipment. The annual door and window production capacity is 300,000 m2, and the curtain wall production capacity is 100,000 m2.

From 2012 to 2014, it took only two years for Lanhaiwang (Xiamen) Energy-saving Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. to complete its goal of establishing Fujian and moving towards the country. Today, Lanhaiwang's engineering projects have spread throughout Fujian, Yunnan, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, and Sichuan. And successfully entered Vanke Real Estate, Zhongjun Group, Jianfa Group, Wanda Real Estate, Lianfa Group, Taihe Group, Poly Real Estate, Country Garden Group, Sustained Group, Zhonghai Real Estate, Haitou Real Estate, KWG Property, Jinmao Real Estate, Yuexiu Real Estate and other domestic well-known real estate enterprise brand libraries have established a good strategic partnership with them. In 2016, in order to meet the regional market demand in South China, the company set up a door, window and curtain wall production and processing base in Foshan, Guangdong. The annual production of doors and windows is 500,000 m2, and the production capacity of curtain wall is 200,000 m2.

 Lanhaiwang (Guangdong) Door & Window Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. was established in February 2017 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. It was formerly a Sino-Australian joint venture. In 2018, it was officially changed to Lanhaiwang (Guangdong) Door & Window Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., specializing in high-end system doors and windows, unit curtain wall, high-end home decoration products and so on.

 Lanhaiwang (Xiamen) Energy-saving Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. Guangxi Branch was established in October 2018, specializing in the construction management of doors, windows and curtain walls of Guangxi regional projects.

 Since its establishment, Blue Haiwang has always been based on the core values of “gratefulness, trust, responsibility, collaboration and win-win”, and upholds the enterprise spirit of “people-oriented, excellence” to achieve customers, employees, shareholders, partners, companies, society, etc. Multi-faceted win-win is the ultimate goal, constantly contributing to consumers and the society, creating new value, making unremitting efforts to advocate and promote the shaping of green and intelligent home, and better satisfy the consumer experience and improve the quality of living in the era of mobile Internet. In the integrity, solid, innovative, healthy and steady operation, the brand reputation and value of the company have been rapidly improved.

 Lanhaiwang Enterprise regards "people-oriented" as the eternal enterprise development concept, attaches great importance to the development and cultivation of human resources, and provides solid talent support and intellectual security for the second startup and sustainable development of the enterprise. Enterprises respect talents, value talents, train talents, provide good training and learning opportunities for all employees, broad development space, and a stage of fair competition, and create an excellent team that is talented, talented, united, and efficient. Continuously enhance corporate image and competitiveness. With the vision and enthusiasm of the strategist, the decision-making level of the enterprise adheres to the human resources strategy of “talent is the basis of enterprise competition”. It is the leader, the words and deeds, the advocacy of mutual help, the compatibility of love, the teamwork, the company as the home, and the retention of the cause. To retain people with emotions and to retain people with treatment, to create a humanized and warm working environment for employees, and a platform with great development potential. At the same time, it constantly enhances the construction of corporate culture, creates a harmonious and harmonious human environment, and effectively enhances the employees' centripetal force and cohesiveness. At present, Lanhaiwang enterprises are strengthening and improving the corporate governance structure and innovation management mechanism, operating and managing according to the standards of modern enterprise systems, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of business models and business thinking.

Lanhaiwang enterprises are entering a more healthy, efficient and sustainable development track, and make unremitting efforts to realize the corporate vision of “doing the world's leading low-carbon, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving curtain wall doors and windows”.