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A sustained uncompromising attention, never satisfied, and never compromise

Day after day of excellence, the pursuit of a perfect attitude!



Spiritual connotation spiritual connotation

1, Excellence, attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection and the ultimate, at the expense of time and energy, tirelessly, repeatedly improve the product, the 99% to 99.99%.

2, rigorous, meticulous, not opportunistic, we must ensure that the quality of each component, the product to adopt strict testing standards, not up to the requirements will not be easily delivered.

3, patience, focus, adhere to, and constantly upgrade their products and services, because the real artisans in the professional field will never stop the pursuit of progress, whether it is the use of materials, design or production processes are constantly improving.

4, professional, dedicated, artisan spirit of the goal is to create the industry's most high-quality products, other peer can not match the outstanding products.


Quality commitment

Our commitment: the heritage of the spirit of craftsmen, carved secret agents, do not leak


Our commitment: a call will be responsive, rapid response, arrived at the scene within 24 hours

Factory processing quality control
Factory processing quality control


Testing of raw materials

Inspection of process

Installation process verification


Site installation quality control
Site installation quality control


Quality inspectors strictly control the quality, carefully check the product

Every detail, to ensure the quality of the project


Door and window test bedDurability test standFire resistance test stand
For testing various types of external air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure performanceDoors and windows and accessories of the durability test bed; DDT module using soft key controlSimulated the actual heating process of the fire to achieve the requirements of fire resistance test specimens, while the standard load imposed on the specimen to simulate the actual component load-bearing state.

U-value test standClimate variability modelMechanical load test rig
Test benches for the determination of heat transfer stabilityTest bench for determining the function of doors and windows fans and their accessories under different climatic conditions

Burglary and durability

Under static and dynamic loads, the test method for the detection of theft

1, the detection of glass of the energy-saving parameters of indicators

2, through the use of high-quality test-bed set up, the operation of the safety test results can be guaranteed accuracy.

1, determination of different climate conditions, the performance of doors and windows fan test stand and accessories;

2. The climate test rig consists of a control cabinet and a two-chamber system (two half-shells). The two compartments form a climate system. Within the specified time, two different climates act on the specimen. Each half-shell climate can be independently adjusted;

1, for the mechanical load under the state of anti-theft and durability of the test stand;

2, static and dynamic load resistance testing and anti-theft test method.