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Core values: Thanksgiving, trust, responsibility, collaboration, win-win situation

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving nature, Thanksgiving family, Thanksgiving teachers, Thanksgiving customers, Thanksgiving boss, Thanksgiving colleagues, Thanksgiving opponents, Thanksgiving friends, Thanksgiving life

Trust: trust employees, trust partners, trust customers

Responsibility: Responsible for the staff, the company responsible for the customer is responsible for the community

Collaboration: unity is strength, teamwork, everything is possible

Win-win: employees win, win the company, customers win, social win

Enterprise vision: to do the world's construction of low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving curtain wall windows and doors of the pilot

Enterprise mission: to mankind to enjoy green, energy-saving and better living environment and efforts for the community to cultivate both ability and political integrity of the talents.

Entrepreneurship: people-oriented, excellence

Business philosophy: high standards and strict requirements, with conscience do reassuring works

Management philosophy: Germany for the first, and for your, build a learning team, to achieve the joy of life

Germany: Germany who also. Dade, must be in its place, will have its name, will get its Paul, will have its life.

And: the body and the living, mouth and no Zheng, Italy and with the Wyatt, quit and fellow initiates, see and with the solution, Lee and the same.


Selection of standards: applicable, practical, by use

Only with the standard: passion, professional, efficient, innovative, implementation

Personnel concept: the best use, nurturing people "material", motivating people "talent", the donor "financial"

Talent competition mechanism: to those who can, let those who, under the Yong


code of conduct:

Four good: good intentions, good words, good deeds, good people

Three no: do not say right and wrong, do not listen to right and wrong, do not spread right and wrong

A spirit, two commitments: to create a craftsman spirit, quality commitment: dripping water, service commitment: there is a response, 24 hours quick response.

The three hearts of the company: the heart of gratitude, the heart of fear, the heart of faith

All employees of the company are grateful, awe-inspiring and belief in the products, customers, partners and colleagues.

Three team spirits created by the company: Sunshine team spirit, passionate team spirit, and fighting team spirit