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After-sales service for our customers is our obligation, after the completion of the project, the construction unit to submit the project quality assurance, and the development of return visit plans and after-sales service measures, the specific details are as follows:

First, after-sales service process

    1, the customer contact with the company, the relevant after-sales service projects in writing or oral form to inform the company.

    2, the company received a notice within 24 hours to send personnel to conduct on-site inspection and maintenance, does not affect the normal work and rest of the owners.

    3, the company after-sales service, the situation by the customer receipt of receipt, until the customer satisfaction.

Second, customers return visit

    1, regular return visit: After the completion of the project put into use, our company will regularly organize the company after-sales service sector customer visits, the project will track the quality of the situation, and quality maintenance doors and windows.

    2, irregular visits: According to the work characteristics, the use of different, I will organize the company after-sales staff from time to time to return visit to customers, to understand the use of tracking.

    3, tracking return: the maintenance of customer records, the company sent personnel to carry out maintenance, customer tracking will be a return visit, the use of doors and windows to find customers and the use of windows and doors after the repair until the customer doors and windows project problems all Solution, the lifting of customer risks.

Third, the quality of commitment

    Our company designs, manufactures and installs the curtain wall, doors, windows and decoration projects. In addition to fulfilling the production and installation tasks on schedule, our company also promises to carry out the quality warranty on the project according to the relevant regulations of the 80th Decree of the Ministry of Construction. The quality of the reasons for the quality of my company or cause quality problems, warranty costs borne by the company, the warranty period after the warranty, excluding labor costs only by the cost of materials for after-sales service.

I guarantee the quality of the company as follows:

    1, where our company to undertake all the works to ensure that the time required by Party A to start to ensure that the quality of the project to achieve the quality standards of the contract.

    2, where the company to undertake all the works to ensure that the terms and norms of the contract requirements, the quality of the warranty does not meet the terms of the contract and norms, and all the responsibilities arising from the company.

    3, where all my company to undertake the project to ensure compliance with national standards "construction quality acceptance of the construction of a unified standard (GB50300-2002)" and "construction decoration quality of construction norms (GB50210-2008).

    4, the Company selected installation materials and production materials according to the requirements of the contract and our company to send a sample sealed for the acceptance criteria.