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Curtain wall series


Curtain wall system products

Performance characteristics

Concealed glass curtain wall

Is an integrated technology products, the main structural adhesive to the glass bonded aluminum frame, and then set up aluminum or stainless steel bracket, to withstand the gravity of the sub-grid glass load, the structural adhesive is hidden in the glass curtain wall security Of the important material.


1, the glass structure with silicone sealant fixed in the vice box, the deputy box and then mechanical clamping method fixed on the column beam, the glass assembly components and column beams completely separated, which is the hidden frame glass curtain wall component-type construction of the largest One of the features

2, glass assembly components produced in a professional production workshop, injection of plastic, its quality and processing accuracy is guaranteed, improve the construction quality, improve the safety performance of the curtain wall.

3, the glass assembly components can be produced in advance in the factory, can shorten the construction period, reducing the use of on-site construction equipment, reducing the scene of the installation process.