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Aluminum alloy door series


190 Heavy three tracks sliding door series

Performance characteristics


Thermal insulation performanceClass 5-6 (3.2 / 2.8 / 2.0W / M.K) (GB / T8484-2008)
Wind pressure resistanceClass 5 KPa (GB / t7106-2008)
Watertight performanceGrade 5 Pa (GB / t7108-2008)
Air tightness6 (m / m.h) (GB / T7107-2008)
Sound insulation performance3-6 grade 32-45dB (GB / T8485-2008)



Glass optionalHollow double glazing (5G + 9A + 5G)Can be equipped with 5 × 12mm decorative partitions
Hollow double glazing (6G + 12A + 6G) 

Hollow three-layer glass

      (5G + 12A + 6G + 9A + 5G)


Hollow double glazing

      (5G + 9A + 5G + 1.14 + 5G)

Hollow double glazing (5G + 27A + 5G)Can be equipped with 27 × 27mm diamond decorative trim
Electric Venetian (5G + 27A + 5G) 
Other optionsKing Kong screens (use 304L stainless steel) 


Open function and specification limits

(Double fan), dislocation push-pull (single fan), two-slide on the push and pull (four), open Fan size width of not more than 800-1500mm, height of not more than 1800-2800mm.


Basic structural characteristics and product process characteristics

The main wall thickness of 2.0mm and 1.4mm, product door frame width of three-track 196mm, two-track width 120mm, door width 100mm and 84mm two options.


可定制更多颜色 More colors can be customi zed



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