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Lanhaiwang enterprises put an end to safety risks and adhere to the "0" tolerance attitude

Put an end to safety risks and adhere to the "0" tolerance attitude
---Lanhaiwang Enterprise conducts safety hazard investigation

On November 1, 2019, Mr. Zhang Genwang, the executive director of Lanhaiwang Enterprise Group, conducted various safety investigations for the hidden dangers of various regional companies and production workshops, and carried out civilized construction education publicity. Organize the heads of various project departments to carry out meetings, require all construction teams to strictly implement the main responsibility of safety production, immediately carry out self-examination and self-correction, and resolutely achieve "three nos" - no insurance, no safety, no three-level safety Education and construction, there is no pre-job training operation and no use of various instruments. Strictly require the construction class owner to carry out the safety plan for the curtain wall construction workman for the construction workers. All construction personnel must wear neat reflective vests and helmets, and the safety construction standard operation specifications (such as welder operation is strictly prohibited to wear non-insulator welding, welding) Fire hopper, installation of regular operation, upper basket test, etc., to achieve zero damage, zero accidents, zero pollution! Unsafe behavior, unsafe conditions, and management defects can lead to accidents. All accidents can be prevented. Only by eliminating the factors and conditions induced by accidents can effectively control the accidents. Only safety can be eliminated in time. Hidden dangers are effective measures to prevent accidents!
Only attaching great importance to safety work is the best embodiment of our respect for life, and it is the most correct way to ensure the stable development of enterprises!

In response to this inspection, a special code of practice for the project department and the workshop department was formulated.
1. Dangerous operations must be handled with an operation permit.
2. Special operations must be carried out by personnel holding the corresponding valid certificate.
3, high-altitude operations must hang a seat belt.
4, inspection and maintenance operations must be energy isolation and lock and hang. 5. It is strictly forbidden to be placed under heavy objects.
5. Firework must remove or remove flammable combustibles in and around the equipment.
6. It is strictly forbidden to close or remove the safety protection device.
7. It is strictly forbidden to open the cutting equipment at will.

Special Note:
Energy Isolation: (When an equipment, facility, or installation is to be implemented, it is necessary to isolate its external energy source to avoid accidental release of energy such as: power source, fluid and pressure source, mechanical drive and control system Such as: repair, maintenance or repair of mechanical equipment; work in electrical lines and systems; work in other pressurized pipelines and equipment; work close to other hazardous energy.
Locked and hanged: pictures of various labels and various locks;
Padlock: mechanical locking of the isolation point to prevent interference from other external factors on the isolation point; such as workshop air compressor, cutting device padlock.
Label: A label used to identify different isolation points with a unique number. For example, each machine, equipment and other signs.

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